The innovative toothbrush.

Our toothbrush provides a smooth polishing comfort unlike anything you have ever experienced.The mineral coated bristles easily
clean and polish your teeth. The minerals have been safety tested according to the same high quality standards required for
water in Japan. MISOKA for Kids is for babies who cannot rinse their mouth, infants who require assistance brushing their teeth, or kids
who have difficulty with toothpaste. The appearance and performance of the toothbrush is refreshingly brand new and will let kids
and their caregivers enjoy their toothbrushing time together.

The MISOKA toothbrush for cleaning your teeth with only water was first launched onto the market by YUMESHOKUNIN Co.,Ltd. in 2007.
This ground-breaking new toothbrush uses bristles with a mineral coating to assist with removing plaque from the tooth exterior simply
by moistening the bristles and brushing.As it only requires a single glass of water,it also contributes to people's health and to preserving
the global environment. To date,more than 4million of the toothbrushes have been sold in Asia and around the world.

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